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“Studying with Zvi has been instrumental in my personal healing and growth process. The Kedumah teachings have given me insight that enabled me to change my relationship with my mind and my body, gave me access to truths inside me, and helped me understand my role in the universe. Zvi’s universal application of traditional and mystical Jewish wisdom strongly resonates with me. This spiritual path has opened up the freedom to create music that expresses my hopes for our world in my authentic voice.”

— Chava Mirel, Musician and Songwriter

“As a rabbi who has been interested in spiritual practice for many years, I've found that Kedumah is the deepest, clearest, and most well-organized system of Jewish contemplative spiritual practice I've encountered. The way that it integrates contemporary psychological insight with experiential, non-conceptual practice (especially with a partner), is particularly unique and powerful, and unlike anything else I've experienced in the Jewish spiritual world. Further, Zvi's teaching has made the sefirot come alive in a much deeper, experiential way than I'd previously known--and I am at the same time aware of how much more there is to reveal.”

— Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde, Congregation Oseh Shalom, Laurel, MD

“Since Zvi has had the capacity and merit to do the work required in order to qualify for direct knowledge that is independent of any intermediate authority and has an extremely high level of facility in all major aspects and stages of the Torah tradition, he can express a mode of Primordial Torah that is authentic yet really new. I marvel at how clearly Zvi has been able to conceptualize the entire field of Torah, to diagnose what needs to be transcended and how skillfully he can perform the transformations that actually make the fourth turning of Torah manifest.  With humility and admiration, I am honored to fully endorse his work."

       — Rabbi Dr. Miles Krassen, author of Steps Towards a World-that-is-Coming and founder of Planetary Judaism

"Zvi speaks deeply but simply. His teaching is mystical yet grounding. Rooted in ancient wisdom, Zvi is able to present information in a radically new way, while maintaining an authentic connection to tradition. Kedumah is not a teaching, which works solely on the level of mind. Kedumah works on the level of mind, body, spirit, and soul. I personally felt it help me on all of those levels. Zvi is brilliant, and his words are fascinating, but all the more impressive is Zvi's presence.  Peaceful and clear, Zvi radiates wisdom. Studying with Zvi, I had the sense I was studying with a true spiritual master. He is able to teach directly to the group in front of him. When you ask a question, Zvi doesn’t respond in abstracts; he responds directly to your unique being, in a way that is extremely helpful for your individual path. Kedumah balances a strong connection to the tradition of Torah with a commitment to non-sectarianism, which creates a special and beautiful vessel for transmission. Truly a teaching of a new spiritual and religious paradigm, Kedumah is an amazing opportunity for modern spiritual seekers. I've never received a teaching more powerful than this one nor had a teacher more adept than Zvi."

           — Daniel Battigalli-Ansell, author of A Love Note: Poetry on the Path                  

“I am grateful for Zvi’s Kedumah classes which quickly penetrated below the shell of habitual awareness and brought me into an environmental experience that was also deeply personal. Each class was a particular immersion that was both embodied and timeless. Zvi’s inclusivity and kindness were also precious to experience and be a part of.”

           — Ellen Mains, author of Buried Rivers: A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust   

“The Kedumah teachings have been a transformational force in my life. Since learning with Zvi, I've experienced an increasing awareness of my body, heart and mind. Zvi has a unique gift for bringing ancient wisdom to life for his students, and I've seen its healing effects in both myself and others. I recommend the Kedumah path to anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual experience while navigating the complexities of modern life.”

— Scott Komel Meyers                                                                           

“The contemplative practices and meditations from Kedumah teachings tenderize the heart, open the body, and access the spirit, resulting in opportunities for profound mystical experience. The richness of Zvi’s knowledge of Judaism, and mysticism in general, enlightens and deepens my existing spiritual practice. Zvi teaches with kindness, and has an uncanny ability to explain complex and layered mystical/philosophical concepts. More, more, more…”

              — Kohenet Yocheved Lansman

“I have studied with Zvi in various capacities for the last 4 years. He has been a constant source of inspiration and spiritual growth for me. I have often found that other teachers do not understand some of the experiences I have but I always find that Zvi can relate. The Kedumah teachings, to me, represent a unique and bold new approach to the spiritual paths that so many of us go down. In 10 classes Zvi was able to relate so much information. I know that we could go to these classes for many years and learn so many new things. As a Jew I am so happy that so much esoteric wisdom can be derived from the Jewish Mystical tradition. Zvi's guidance has helped bring me closer to God and to my own Jewish roots. I'd recommend this class to anyone who is really serious about developing their spiritual life, especially as it relates to mysticism.”

                  – Anonymous

“I find Zvi’s teaching to be informative, inspirational, and transformational. His perspective on Jewish mystical teachings is fresh and powerfully personal in a way that helps me in my own practices.”

                   – Lon Goldstein

“I have always found Zvi to be a powerful and inspiring teacher, through the depth of his knowledge, the sensitivity of his communication with students, the warmth of his presence, and his gentle humor, which sometimes knocks us out of our seats. In the Kedumah class, Zvi's personal vision of a universalization of ancient Hebrew tradition for contemporary times, I experienced access to deep personal truths that are so close, yet so unexplored, through meditations on the body. Beyond this, my deepest realization in this class came through Zvi's sharing of one of his own personal experiences as a way of illuminating a principle that we were studying (the Sefirot of Gevurah/strength). This sharing opened for me, through my own parallel experience, a central connection which I'd long been seeking and which continues to unfol

             – Sara' Hollander

“Before studying with Rabbi Zvi I was feeling fragmented due to the many different practices and dynamics of life. The fresh insight of The Kedumah Teachings and the practices connected all the fragments of my life providing a revitalized connected feeling. Because of the teachings and the wonderful group that it has attracted I've experienced an overall genuine sense of well being within myself and an unadulterated love with my surroundings!”

            – Jenny Bertram

“Through Zvi's Torah teachings, I've been able to incorporate my Jewish heritage into my spiritual path. Rabbi Zvi provides an accessible paradigm of spiritual development rooted in ancient teachings. With humor and depth, he brings his students deeper into our experience and facilitates a collective connection and growth. I would recommend Zvi's teachings to anyone looking to connect with ancient wisdom in an experiential way. In the way that American Buddhism began taking root in the 60s and 70s, Zvi's teachings are the first I've seen that feel like American Judaism -- incorporating Torah, psychology, Eastern wisdom traditions, and our contemporary Western experience into a genuine and appropriate spiritual avenue. Yasher koach, Kedumah.”

               – Emma S.

“How very blessed we are to have Rabbi Zvi here to provide the Kedumah teachings. The teachings are INCREDIBLE; I have found each of the 10 classes to offer VALUABLE “Pearls”.  Rabbi Zvi shares his vast wisdom, his experiences & his “Light” which is a TRUE gift.”

             – Gail A.